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Outdoor projects can be exciting and rewarding, especially when they make our homes look amazing. It’s hard to resist the allure of a well-designed and decorated patio or pool area, and a big part of that is the outdoor tile you use.

Here are 4 things you should think about when you are selecting the proper outdoor tile for your next project.

Creating a natural look

If you want an earthy, natural look, then natural materials are the way to go.

You can choose between a variety of designs from our porcelain pavers to create a functional, yet outdoorsy look and feel. This goes great for an outdoor seating area, a patio, or a garden area. Our pavers go well with other natural elements, such as boulders, rock patches, and waterfalls. Combine our pavers with our range of multipods for a fast and easy installation system to create raised surfaces on balconies, water features and terraces. Get straight to the installation with little fuss and time.

Getting the hardwood look

Even tile-lovers love a hardwood floor, but putting a hardwood floor outside is impractical and expensive due to the rigorous upkeep it requires.

Fortunately, you can get the hardwood look with porcelain tile that is designed to replicate the hardwood aesthetic. Wood-look tile is charming, attractive, and timeless like hardwood but is durable like porcelain and requires far less maintenance for outdoor projects.

Tile colours

Did you know that you can impact the look of your space with something as simple as tile colours?

For example, light-coloured tile is great for lighting up a dark area. Dark-coloured tile does a good job of darkening a well-lit area. This provides ideal contrast and creates a more interesting look. Light-coloured tile in a well-lit area, by comparison, can wash out an area, while dark-coloured tile in a shaded area can be difficult to see. Flipping it around can liven up a space.

Does it need sealant?

When selecting outdoor tile for your next project, keep in mind that certain types of tile will need sealant. Due to the materials and production process, ceramic and porcelain tiles do not require a sealer and require limited maintenance. If you get a natural stone tile, you’ll probably have to seal it so it doesn’t suffer damage from moisture.

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