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Bathroom Tiles

Your bathroom is the place where you step in first when you wake up in the morning, take a refreshing shower after a tiring day at work, and the place where you find personal relaxation, peace and private space with yourself.

We all take bathroom renovations quite seriously – not only do you want to maintain aesthetic appearance but also keep up its hygiene, serenity and self satisfaction. The sensation of refreshment and soothing relaxation comes from a well organised, well planned and clean bathroom, not a messy, damp gloomy bathroom.


Renovating the bathroom can be expensive but choosing a floor type which is easy to clean, skid resistant, damp resistant, durable and elegant in style and appearance may add to the feel of comfort of your bathroom. Bathroom tiles have emerged as a popular option; they are cheap compared to marble, and other materials and choosing light shades of floor tiles can make the bathroom look more spacious.

Plumbing Fixtures

Immediately as you enter a bathroom the condition of the plumbing, having discoloured, old fashioned, dripping taps automatically brings in a feeling of detestation. So your bathroom renovations can include the change of your taps and shower fixtures. Modern designs, comfortable grips and contrasting shades of faucets often make a bathroom lively.

Vanity Cabinets

This is again another essential feature of a bathroom. You need all your vanities to be stored within your easy reach. When remodeling your vanity cabinet you must consider the following factors to enhance the utility of the cabinet:

  • Size of the cabinet
  • Type of storage shelves and racks inside, to manage your vanity items
  • Material of the cabinet
  • Color
  • Height at which the cabinet needs to be placed
  • Wall mounted or floor mounted cabinets
  • Attached to a basin on top or a solo cabinet.


Choosing the right size and design of mirror in a bathroom can change the entire appeal of your bathroom. Sometimes you may like to fit in small mirrors to match the vanity cabinet hung on your wall. However, for those who have a floor mounted cabinet, they can opt for macro size mirrors. Big mirrors have the capacity to make your bathroom look bigger and more spacious but just fixing a mirror won’t do the trick, you also need to install sufficient ambient lighting to complement it. Generally, apart from size there are two types of mirror you can choose from:

  • Framed mirror
  • Unframed mirror

While you are choosing for framed and unframed mirror the size of your bathroom will play a vital role. With a small bathroom, undefined unframed mirrors can add a spacious and simplistic feel to the bathroom. However, for bigger bathrooms framed mirrors are more suitable as they elevate the elegance and artistic feel.

If you want to stick to simple renovations these are some of the simple tips which can be inexpensive, yet will alter the look, style and feel of your bathroom.