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Penny Copper

Penny Copper


This mosaic features a real metal surface made from Phosphorus Copper metal which features variation from piece to piece in the sheet.This product will bring a real point of difference to your project. It can be used for feature walls and border strips.

o produce metal copper mosaics, a process of natural oxidation process is used to ensure the natural look of copper. As the metal ages à and according to different conditions, the surface will change over time.This includes natural patina and in more extreme situations, Verdigris will develop à. This is normal aging process in high moisture / oxygen and sulphur conditions.

It may be possible to polish back the copper to desired look.

Copper is a soft metal which is not resistant to acid or alkali, these factors will change the colour and appearance of the natural metal.MosaicFX metal mosaics are not designed for floor use or areas with higher than usual wear.

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