The Art of Mosaic Tiles


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Mosaic Tiles

Mosaic tile – tile formed from putting smaller pieces of different-colored tile together to form patterns – is one of the most aesthetically-pleasing types of tile you can have in your home.

A walkway, patio, kitchen or bathroom floor, or any other surface with mosaic tile can look sophisticated, exotic, or artistic, depending on the specific look you’re going for. This is made possible by the colorful and interesting patterns and shapes that comprise a mosaic – also the different textures you can create by fusing different types of material together.

There’s one unique way to create mosaic tile, though, and it gives homeowners a way to create even more dazzling patterns and shapes with a degree of sophistication and detail that has to be seen to be believed.

The technique is referred to as water jet mosaic tiling, and it can create some of the most beautiful pieces of tile found in any home. The unique aesthetic opportunities afforded by using a water jet mosaic will bring to life any space inside or outside your space.

What Is Water Jet Mosaic Tiling?

Traditionally, mosaic tiles were created by taking different, smaller pieces of clay and putting them together, then firing them and creating one single tile. This has been a common form of art since the earliest mosaic tiles were discovered, dating to roughly 2,500 BC in Mesopotamia. The earliest ones were formed with different pieces of clay, ivory, shell, and stone.

The traditional process was done entirely by hand, which means the individual pieces had to be cut entirely by hand. This is a time consuming method to create enough tile pieces for an entire surface, which is why ancient mosaic surfaces are some of the most valued pieces of artwork from the antiquities era.

But now, by using a cutting tool powered by high-pressure water – called a water jet – we can create intricate shapes using an automated cutting tool in a much shorter time, making mosaic tile much easier to get, cheaper to buy, and offers more opportunities for uniquely beautiful patterns.

Water jet mosaic tile can also be made custom. All you have to do is take a custom design and upload it in computer software that controls the water jet. The rest is up to the machine. It doesn’t take nearly as much time creating enough tile for an entire space as it would if the process were done entirely by hand. Mosaic tiles offer an avenue to express your personalized tastes and style. With endless options of customizing, the look of your home is only limited by the extent of your imagination and creativity.

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